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Tara IvyEnglish 100 Wedemeyer June 26, 2018 Song A Essays - Music

Tara IvyEnglish 100 Wedemeyer June 26, 2018 Song Analysis Dyke, fag, or switch hitter are only a portion of the numerous deprecatory terms used to allude to individuals of the LGBTQ+ people group. How frequently have you or somebody you know utilized the verbiage no homo or that ' s gay as a way to communicate a hetero position on a point or during a conversation? Why has such verbiage become the standard for our general public? In what manner can we as a people not see that this verbiage ought to be seen as contemptuous and revolting? Terms like these are methodical and help the social treacheries of the LGBTQ+ people group. In 2012 Ben Haggerty a hip-bounce craftsman, otherwise called Macklemore collaborated with his gathering mate Ryan Lewis and vocalist, musician Mary Lambert to make one of the most impressive melodies and recordings on the side of the LGBTQ+ people group. The melody named Same Love advocates fairness, it talks about the bogus impression of homosexuality, the utilization of harsh words in the media and music, and how society should quit battling against sexual uniformity and push ahead on the side of the development. Macklemore opens the melody in a split second calling attention to that the world has contorted perspectives on being gay. Macklemore shows how we can put marks on specific exercises and activities making them sexual orientation one-sided and disgracing the other gender for taking an interest in them, by calling a man gay for painting or a lady a dyke for playing football or ball. He is powerful in communicating as the need should arise by, indicating a youthful gay male playing football with his companions in the Same Love video, which typically is pre-considered as a hetero action. He does this bearing in mind the end goal of changing the manner in which society classifies exercises, calling attention to that there is actually nobody thought or activity that is gay or straight . The melody meets up on perhaps the grea test confusion about homosexuality, which is the possibility that being LGBTQ+ is a decision and can be changed. Society needs to comprehend that being gay isn't an infection and it can't be mended. In the tune, he says, The traditional preservationists think it ' s a choice and you can be restored with some treatment and religion/Man-made, overhauling of a pre-demeanor. Playing God/Ahh nah, here we go/America the daring/Still feelings of dread what we don't know/And God cherishes every one of his kids it's by one way or another overlooked/But we rework a book composed 3, 500 hundred years prior . These verses address the center of the inclinations in our social orders, religion, and legislative issues. The right-winged protections accept that homosexuality is terrible and ought to be fixed. He calls attention to that houses of worship feel that the gay can be supplicated away, which is exemplified when he says, And God adores every one of his youngsters are by one way or anoth er overlooked, however we rework a book composed thirty-500 years prior . The tune moves around the way that numerous individuals utilize the holy book and religion to legitimize loathe against gay people, despite the fact that the goals of homosexuality in the good book are obsolete and no longer applies to all of society today. Now in the melody, Mary Lambert sings, And I can ' t change, regardless of whether I attempted, regardless of whether I needed to . Through this infectious cheery melody is the place the verses of the tune further backings that being LGBTQ+ is anything but a decision. The chorale is intended to snatch the audience ' s consideration. Her sharp tone is a major move from the monotoned voice of Macklemore ' s, which made me focus on what Mary is stating and perceive that homosexuality is certainly not a decision, and it is extremely unlikely to change that. Macklemore ' s ground-breaking correspondence of reality with regards to homosexuality proceeds as he moves the discussion from legislative issues toward the hip-jump industry and its absence of help for the LGBTQ+ people group. During a radio meeting on The Angie Martinez Show at the two-moment and two-second imprint, Macklemore states that he felt the hip-bounce network plays a

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Business Plan for an Offshore Engineering Services Coursework

Field-tested strategy for an Offshore Engineering Services - Coursework Example This area possesses organizations offering indistinguishable and comparative administrations and a few specialized colleges from where the work force admission is moderately simple. Enormous speculation is justified in machines, types of gear and HR. In any case, the organization wishes to begin with barely any rented supplies and machines that need gigantic speculation. The land for office premises is wanted to be taken on a rental premise, which must be paid for one year at the hour of initiation of business. Thalatech (name of the firm) is a beginning up firm, which has energizing business openings in the UK showcase where it is planned to gather its business in the initial hardly any years. The firm intends to offer specialized types of assistance for seaward media transmission ventures - link establishment and studies all through the nation and grow its business to remote nations soon. The administration incorporates power link establishment for associating oil stages and its overviews for organizations occupied with oil creation and appropriation. The significant exercises of the organization include the establishment and support of submarine fiber optic links and other marine designing administrations. ... This is the motivation behind why it is intended to be situated close to sources (i.e., comparable firms and specialized colleges) of bounteous laborers gifted and untalented. The organization conceives to offering proficient assistance and exhortation to keep itself a long ways in front of its rivals, residential and worldwide. It solidly accepts that it could underwrite the copious business openings where its rivals are falling behind. Bird of prey is probably going to accomplish 150 % of what its rivals are doing a direct result of ideal area (close to air terminal) and other completive points of interest, for example, customized and proficient assistance. A pilot advertise study to investigate the key parts of business finds that the firm would have the option to accomplish a generous development in deals throughout the following two years from the date of initiation of business. 1.2 Finance Required As the idea of the administration of the proposed organization is of profoundly specialized and requests high polished methodology, immense measure of assets is expected to back the interest in different types of gear machines and workforce. The organization, accordingly, plans to begin with rented types of gear that need gigantic venture. Also, at the outset, the firm intends to enlist just profoundly qualified and experienced staff, who have demonstrated their dominance over the field. Notwithstanding that, a not many untalented workers are to be sent and prepared by specialists and experienced staff. This additionally acquires costs. The workplace premises (land and place of business) and other introductory legitimate charges are additionally to be gotten by the beginning together capital separated from those referenced previously. All these need gigantic capital and the organization intends to raise assets for these requirements through that contributed by investors. 1.3 Financial

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Choosing the Best Writing Service

Choosing the Best Writing ServiceIf you have a good grasp of English and can write an intelligent essay on a wide range of topics, then the best writing service for you is the one that suits your needs. Before you actually hire them, you have to be clear on what you really want and how you are going to write your material. After that, you can make the best choice.Writing services offer different kinds of services. A lot of writers come from different backgrounds, so it is important to know that and weigh it against the kind of assignment that you are trying to get done. Usually, you should hire a writing service that specializes in a specific subject matter or area. The more you know about the subject or area that you are looking for writing for, the better you will be able to choose among the available choices. Most of the best writing services work in one way or another in journalism, writing for magazines, and other places of publication.You should not feel as though they are all the same when it comes to the quality of writing. Some writers are good at explaining things in easy and understandable terms while others are good at personalizing their messages and even coming up with their own creative ideas. Of course, most writing services do work on different subjects or topics. All you have to do is learn the requirements for each of the writing service and choose one that suits your writing needs.Once you have the best writing service, you should be able to determine if they are able to write for what you need to get done. To do this, you should determine what your requirements are. For example, if you want them to write a long-term project that has a large scope, then you should search for a writing service that works for such projects.On the other hand, if you are looking for writing services to write short articles, you can use the best writing service for short articles. They will be able to write short pieces that will be effective to put in your newsl etter, magazine, and website in a way that you need it to be done.The best writing service also needs to have a very impressive portfolio of clients' work. If they can tell you the caliber of their writing in a number of publications, then they will have an edge over the rest. It is important to look for a service that offers work for numerous companies and clients to show off its capacity to do the job well.Another thing to look for in the portfolio of the writing service is how many clients they can show you and how many jobs they have already done. The more clients you can show them, the better your chances of getting a job. Find a service that can show you a number of samples of work and keep in mind that not all writers are qualified to write the kind of articles you are looking for.The best writing service for your writing needs will be one that works as efficiently as possible. This means you should consider the aspects above when you decide which writing service you want to hire.

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Introduction To Motivation Theory And Its Influence On...

Brief introduction to motivation theory and its influence on marketing INTRODUCTION Marketing occupies a very important part in the development of the company. â€Å"Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create an exchange and satisfy individual and organizational objectives.†( American Marketing Association 2004) But how marketers know why consumers do what they do and what product they need? Having a good understanding of motivation theory is a useful way for marketers to close to people. Motivation refers to the processes that cause people to behave as they do. From a psychological perspective, motivation occurs when a need is aroused that the consumer wishes to satisfy.Once a need has been activated, a state of tension exists that drives the consumer to attempt to reduce or eliminate the need. By understanding it, grasping the rules of consumers, so as to apply to the marketing, improving product sales and brand recognition. Main body Marketing is the management process which identifies, anticipates, and supplies customer requirements efficiently and profitably.( UK Chartered Institute of Marketing) The basic marketing concept states that firms exist to satisfy needs. Marketers can only satisfy these needs to the extent that they understand the people or organizations who will use the products and services they are trying to sell.(Michael,2013,p7)Thus, the law ofShow MoreRelatedBusiness Environment Past Papers1115 Words   |  5 PagesUnit Title: Introduction to Business Guided Learning Hours: 100 Level: Level 4 Number of Credits: 12 Learning Outcome 1 The learner will: Understand the objectives of a business, what resources they need and to whom they are accountable. Assessment Criteria The learner can: 1.1 Define and show an understanding of the important business terms related to corporate objectives. Indicative Content 1.1.1 Define and show an understanding of the terms ‘corporate aims’, ‘corporate objectives’Read MoreCorporate Social Responsibility Essay1313 Words   |  6 PagesOrganizations should communicate their Corporate Social Responsibility actions to these new high potentials. Only, before that can happen, it is important for organizations to know what potential employees triggers in applying for a job, what their motivation is, which values they share and whether or not these values match the companies values. In other words, is there a ‘ Person-Organization fit? This Person-Organization fit is an important factor in the search for good employees. The core of Person-OrganizationRead MoreEmployee Work Motivation 1386 Words   |  6 Pagesimportant to an organization, because work motivation relates to the performance of employees and their behaviour towards the organization (Katzell Thompson, 1990). â€Å"Managers see motivation as an integral part of the performance equation at all levels, while researchers see it as a fundamental building block in the development of useful theories of effective management practice (Steers, Mowday, Shapiro, 2004, p. 379)†. In this study the role of work motivation of prospective employees played a centralRead MoreMarketing and Buying Decision Essay1616 Words   |  7 PagesPrinciples of Marketing Principles of Marketing 2012 Name: Robert Barnes Student Number: 21154021 Institution: University of West London Word count: 1455 2012 Name: Robert Barnes Student Number: 21154021 Institution: University of West London Word count: 1455 Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction2 2.0 Question 1 3 2.1 Personality 3 2.2 Motivation6 2.3 Conflict6 3.0 Question 2 8 Bibliography9 1.0 Introduction The case study I have chosen to cover is â€Å"Breezing out for a nightRead MoreAn Introduction to Fear Appeal and Levels of Fear903 Words   |  4 PagesAn introduction to fear appeal and levels of fear: An appeal is nothing more than a motive to which an advertisement is directed. The intention of an appeal is to persuade and try to change the audience concepts or ideas regarding a goal settled by the advertiser. Fear appeals are commonly used in many types of marketing communications such as marketing of products or services, social causes and ideas. Fear appeal can be considered the psychology of persuasion; messages that arouse fear and are effectiveRead MoreHigh Involvement Product : Purchase After Dully Long And Careful Consideration1499 Words   |  6 Pagesdecisions with regards to acquisition, consumption and disposition of product or services (Best, 2014). We are focusing on purchase decision process family needs to make when buying a car, the main stages a consumer must go through that is essential for marketing area of decision are therefore grouped by the following: ïÆ'Ëœ A need or wants recognition ïÆ'Ëœ Information search ïÆ'Ëœ Evaluation of alternatives ïÆ'Ëœ Post purchase Evaluation. The main processes begin with the first stage of a need or want recognitionRead MoreHr Theories of Motivation1667 Words   |  7 Pages1. Introduction The companies’ leaders can improve their business by investing in development new products or services, improvement product or service quality, and enhancement marketing and sales. Another possible investment is improving the way a company manages its people – tends to receive less attention. Human Resource Management is very important for business as it involves a variety of activities that deal with the ‘human side of organisation’ (Griffiths and Wall, 2005). ArmstrongRead MoreTrue Brand Loyalty1659 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction A companys main question in relation to selling their products or services use do be: ,,How do I get people to buy my product? Nowadays companies still greatly appreciate the answer to this question but they have also realized that getting customers is not the only thing they need to do. In todays rapidly moving world consumers dont stick with products for life. Advertisements and an increased feeling of independence have created consumers that will switch brands or productsRead MoreLiterature Review: Expectancy Theory1132 Words   |  5 PagesRunning Head: Vroom’s Expectancy theory Literature Review: Vroom’s Expectancy theory Literature review: Pavel Smirnov Vroom’s Expectancy theory Word count: Advanced Writing Skills, GEN 2133 Date 07.04.2013 Contents Literature Review: 0 Literature review: 0 Pavel Smirnov 0 Vroom’s Expectancy theory 0 Advanced Writing Skills, GEN 2133 0 1 Literature review 2 1.1 Introduction 2 1.2 Expectancy Theory 2 1.3 Conclusion 3 2 Reference List 5 Read MoreThe Influence of Personality and Attitude on Consumers Behaviour1494 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Personality and attitude are both internal factors (inner characteristics) that influence a consumers’ behaviour. Research has been done on these internal factors and researchers have come to the conclusion that inner characteristics are those characteristic that distinguish one individual from another such as mannerisms. Some research implies that early childhood experiences and dual influence of genetics can have an influence on the development of one’s personality; other implies

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The Most Common Causes of Infectious Conjunctivitis Free Essay Example, 1750 words

Conjunctivitis can be due to the invasion of viruses or bacteria, or results as a form of allergic reaction to foreign bodies that come in contact with the conjunctiva. The determination of whether it is viral, bacterial, or allergic in origin, however, can be done even only by taking the history and examining for clinical presentations of the patient s affected eye. On the other hand, if the cause would seem to present a bacterial origin, laboratory testing can be done to identify what specific type of infectious bacteria cause the inflammation of the conjunctiva. Considering the signs and symptoms presented by John, it is obvious that his was a type of bacterial conjunctivitis; and among the listed microorganisms, it is more likely to be caused by the bacteria Haemophilus Influenza than by adenovirus. Legionella pneumophila and plasmodium ovale are very least likely to be considered to have caused John s eye condition as they result to different diseases. Both h. influenza and ade novirus can cause inflammation of the conjunctiva but the redness, tenderness, and mucopurulent discharge support the bacterial origin as viral conjunctivitis tend to produce a watery and mucoid discharge. We will write a custom essay sample on The Most Common Causes of Infectious Conjunctivitis or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page 361). Specifically, Chloramphenicol, a broad spectrum antibiotic, along with fucithalmic, are the drug of choice for bacterial conjunctivitis as it can be effective against nearly all cases of bacterial conjunctivitis. Hence, even without first identifying the exact microorganism through a swab test, the anti-bacterial effect of chloramphenicol is held to be beneficial in the different cases and causes of conjunctivitis.

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The Assasiantion of Julius Caesar - 862 Words

It was a hot, summer day in Italy; the year was 25 B.C. The Roman Empire had never been in such an age of peace and prosperity. I walked the streets of Rome without a care in the world. I was completely unaware that a life changing event was about to occur. I stopped dead in my tracks because right in front of me stood a man, his name was Augustus. I was in such disbelief that the first Emperor of the Roman Empire was standing before me. A whirlwind of thoughts and emotions was swirling through my mind. I had only ever dreamed about this moment. I had so many questions to ask him, but very little time. At any given moment, my one and only chance to speak to Augustus could have been snatched away from me. I decided that I could not let that happen. Right then and there, I asked him for an interview. To my immediate surprise, he agreed. The very first topic I addressed was the assassination of his great-uncle, Julius Caesar. I was concerned with how he would react to the topic, but he responded with ease. I asked him what his initial reaction was to hearing the news about Julius Caesar’s assassination. I could tell he had to really think about his answer. Augustus: â€Å"My initial reaction was shock, however, after the news had sunk in, all I could think about was revenge. I was adopted as his son and heir ; therefore, I knew that I was needed. Since I was training in Albania at the time, I immediately traveled to Rome. I was only eighteen, at the time.† Katelyn S. Historian:

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Business Data Analysis Ice Vanilla Fashion in Australia †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about theBusiness Data Analysis Ice Vanilla Fashion. Answer: Introduction A famous fashion line named Ice Vanilla (IV) has national presence in Australia and brings out latest styles for both the genders. The company has a loyalty scheme is place to reward the loyal customers and to these priority members, a PCC (Priority Club Card) is also made available through which the customers can earn loyalty points. Recently, the company planned a promotional event which focused only on the priority members and involved sending them discount codes which in turn code be used for discounts on purchases made on December 23, 2016. From the shoppers that turned up at the various stores of the company on the chosen data, a sample has been selected which comprises the relevant data for 200 shoppers who made some purchase on that data. The primary intention of the report is to carry out the sample data analysis in order to evaluate the overall success of the promotional event as there were some priority members who did not use the discount codes owing to either ignorance o r non-receipt of promotional codes. Methodology Sample From the shoppers that turned up at the various stores of the IV on the chosen data, a sample has been selected which comprises the relevant data for 200 shoppers who made some purchase on December 23, 2016. It is apparent that the data corresponding to the 200 shoppers pertains to the shopping done in the stores of IV on December 23, 2016. Since all the data has been collected on a single date only, hence the sample data would be cross sectional and not a time series as it would typically capture data values at different point of time (Hillier, 2006) .Data and Variable The following table tends to summarize the various variables along with the data type and scale of measurement that has been used for each of these variables (Ericsson Kovalainen, 2015). Table1. Type of data and scale of measurement Variable Data Type Scale of Measurement Type of Customer Categorical Nominal Number of items bought Numerical Ratio Net Sales Numerical Ratio Type of Credit Card Used Categorical Nominal Marital Status Categorical Nominal Age Numerical Ratio State Categorical Nominal Gender Categorical Nominal Analysis and Results Descriptive statistics The first observation is that the net sales made by customers have a skew towards the right which indicates there are few customers which made an exceptionally high purchase of items. This is the likely reason for mean distortion leading to huge variation from the median resulting in non-normality of the data. This is also confirmed from the fact that third quartile value is $ 164.48 while the maximum value of net sales is $ 427.58. Further, with regards to variation, it would be fair to conclude that it is moderate seen from the perspective of the mean value. Table 3: The frequency table which summarizes the gender and the marital status is highlighted below. Male Female Total Single 40 37 77 Married 73 50 123 Total 113 87 200 From the frequency table above, it would be fair to conclude that amongst the sample shoppers, majority of the customers were male(gender) while in terms of marital status, married was the more common one with a proportion in excess of 60%. Also, these two trends are validated by the respective groups also. For instance for both males and females, married people exceed the unmarried people. Similarly, for both marital status, it is male which is the dominant gender. The net sales and age have a correlation coefficient amounting to 0.015 which is almost zero. This would indicate that age is not a significant variable impacting the net sales by the various customers. Thus, it seems that the two variables are absolutely independent and do not tend to impact each other in any decipherable manner. Figure 1 shows the credit card frequency distribution in the data provided is captured in the bar chart shown below. Figure 1 Credit card frequency distribution One of the encouraging signs from the company point of view is that in excess of 60% card users used the PCC and hence were privileged members who had availed the loyalty program. Hence, technically, these people were available for the discounts while shopping on December 23. 2016. Thus, it would be fair to conclude that company seems to have succeeded in reaching the right audience as the prevalence of the other party is quite less with not much difference amongst them. Figure 2: The distribution of items bought by customer type is represented through the bar chart below. Figure 2- Distribution of items bought by customer type From the above, it may be clearly seen that there is a trend of higher items being bought by the customers who were availing discount. This is particularly visible with customers who have bought items greater than 5 or 6 onwards. This is significant from the companys perspective as it indicates incremental sales generated on account of discount being offered to selected customers. Figure 3 shows the net sales distribution by customer type is represented through the bar chart below. Figure 3- Net sales distribution by customer type The higher net sales on an average can be noticed for the customers availing discount in comparison with regular customers. This is again prominent for purchases greater than $ 150 where the difference is very obvious. Thus, it would be befitting to reach the conclusion that company has not only managed to attract a lot of priority members but also converted these visits into higher sales both in terms of volume and also money. Conclusion and Recommendation The analysis of the sample data suggests that the dominant gender is male while the dominant marital status is married. Further, considering the frequency distribution of the credit card usage, it would be concluded that the company has been highly successful in attracting the target audience. Further, based on the corresponding bar charts which highlight a comparison of regular and discounted customers, it is but apparent that the discounted customers have a higher average items purchased and also the money spent in the event and thus, the event despite the flaws seems to be fairly successful. References Hillier, F. (2006). Introduction to Operations Research. (6th ed.). New York: McGraw Hill Publications. Eriksson, P. Kovalainen, A. (2015).Quantitative methods in business research (3rd ed.). London: Sage Publications. Flick, U. (2015).Introducing research methodology: A beginner's guide to doing a research project (4th ed.). New York: Sage Publications.